Through the generous support of our sponsors, we are proud to be able to offer $100 to the first 100 University of Denver student registrants who complete and present a project during the Colorado Migrahack. Interested students must register and attend as many of the Migrahack events as possible, work on a team to create a project that adheres to the goals of the Migrahack, and present their work at the closing ceremonies in order to be eligible for the $100 stipend.


Students can register through the same page as all other registrants. Just be sure to list your affinity as “Student” on the registration page and click the checkbox indicating your interest in the student funding and we will add you to our list of students eligible for the stipend. Students can register individually or as part of a team, just like anyone else. Register here.

While all students are welcome to attend and participate, unfortunately only DU students are eligible for funding at this time.


If it’s something that interests you, please consider this event as a networking opportunity! We would be happy to assign you to a team of professional journalists or nonprofit organizers if you are interested, which will help you gain contacts as well as some hands-on experience you can use on your resume. 

If you’re passionate about immigration but don’t feel like focusing on the networking aspect of the event, don’t worry! You can register with your own team or join a community team onsite.

100 + 100 = Change: 

Once you have presented your project with your team, we will present you with a certificate of completion. After the event we will process your $100 stipend as either a check or a direct deposit (depending on your preferences in PioneerWeb).

Rules of Engagement: 

To be eligible for the $100, you must: 

  • Be a DU student
  • Attend as many of the Migrahack events as possible.
  • Create a project as part of a team.
  • Present your project with your team at the closing ceremonies.

All projects must follow the requirements of the Migrahack: use open-source data to create a multimedia presentation intended to improve people’s understanding of immigration. Click here to see examples of what Migrahackers have produced in the past.

Teams must consist of 2-10 people and may or may not be formed in advance of or during the event.

As long as you complete your projects and present them at the closing ceremonies, you may work wherever and whenever you want: Migrahackers are not required to stay onsite for the full 2 days.

Class Credit:

Some professors will be offering extra credit for students who participate in the Migrahack. Check with your professors to find out their requirements for any extra credit offered. 

More Questions: 

Don’t hesitate to send us any questions! We will add more information to this page as we learn more about the details you’re curious about. Reach us at and 303-871-2166.