Colorado Migrahack 2019

Journalists + community partners + techies + immigration data = Migrahack

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Friday, September 27 and Saturday, September 28, 2019 

What is a migrahack?

A migrahack is a multimedia storytelling and data-driven approach to improving understanding about immigration + a collaboration of journalists, community partners, web developers and designers.

What is the purpose of a Migrahack?

To bring diverse groups of people together for two days (Friday/Saturday) to “hack” open data on immigration in order to tell stories differently, improve understanding, and change the conversation about immigration.

Want to sponsor a student?

Each participating University of Denver student will be eligible for $100 for two days upon completion of their team’s project. We are looking for 100 students to work with community organizers, journalists, and developers to change the conversation about immigration!

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Team 6: ICE Breaker

Project Title: ICE Breaker

Project Authors & Collaborators: Alvaro Gomez, Erik Hoy, Megan MacDonald, Bill Buff

Project Description: Project utilizes visualizations to picture how much money private organizations make by detaining illegal immigrants.

Project In Process

Team MSU Denver: Myths and Misconceptions Around Immigration

Project Title: Myths and Misconceptions Around Immigration

Project Description Understanding the truth behind the immigration process and procedure and the people it impacts most.

Project Authors: Lisa Ortiz, Shara Merrill, and Lena Ortiz

View the whole project here.

Data Sources .

Team Three: Mythbusters: Using Current Data to Dispel Common Myths Regarding Immigration

Project Title Mythbusters: Using Current Data to Dispel Common Myths Regarding Immigration

Project Authors: James Roan, Peyton Howell, Kendall Nudelman, Sarah Groose, Dylan Pine, Garret Sugarbaker, Bella Borbonus, Liangyin Yu

Project Description Our team of students from various backgrounds participated in the 2019 Colorado Migrahack at the University of Denver with the goal of dispelling myths regarding immigration in Colorado. We hope to create a reference for immigration information and provide other students with the tools to spark conversation and change.

Data Sources American Immigration Council. “Immigrants in Colorado.” American Immigration Council, American Immigration Council, 9 May 2018, Colorado, State of. “State Demographics Data – CO.”, 1 Aug. 2019, DeSilver, Drew. “No U.S. Industry Employs Mostly Immigrant Workers.” Pew Research Center, Pew Research Center, 16 Mar. 2017, Hindi, Saja. “Colorado Ranked among the Highest in the Country in Employment Measures for Refugees, Immigrants.” The Denver Post, The Denver Post, 16 Sept. 2019, Ruiz, Neil G., and John Gramlich. “4 Paths Highly Educated Immigrants Take to Study and Work in the U.S.” Pew Research Center, Pew Research Center, 1 Feb. 2019, Svaldi, Aldo. “How Immigrants Are Vital to the Colorado and U.S. Economy.” The Denver Post, The Denver Post, 13 Mar. 2017, Teaching Tolerance Staff. “Ten Myths About Immigration.” Teaching Tolerance, 2011, Vasan, Thamanna. “Immigrant Workers Critical to Colorado Economy.”, Colorado Fiscal Institute, 29 Apr. 2015,

Team Temporary Workers: What Visa Workers in Colorado are Doing

Project Title: What Visa Workers in Colorado are Doing

Project Authors & Collaborators: Jesse Acevedo, Saja Hindi, Hector Beltran, Carlos Jimenez, Jiang Zhan, Isabella Ashton, Sophie Duyos, Sage Andersohn, Amy Kelley, Benjamin Lee

Project Description: Our focus has been on understanding the geographical location of immigrant visas (H1-B, H2-A, H2-B) in Colorado and the economic impact of migrant workers.

Data Sources Used: Department of Labor, USCIS, GitHub: MigraHack, New American Economy Study


Team Federal Overreach: $anctuary $tate? How Federal Overreach Goes Under the Radar in Colorado

Project Title $actuary $tate? How Federal Overreach Goes Under the Radar in Colorado

Project Authors: Rebecca David Hensley, Jennifer Oldham, Joseph Osley, Erika Polson, Susan Sandoz, Anna Sutterer

Project Description: The tension between Colorado’s welcoming stance toward non citizens and the federal government’s allocation of millions of dollars in contracts to companies with operations in the state who carry out its restrictive immigration policies.

Data Sources;–Ud75JNetFqtYRh7Hos/edit#gid=1872094201;;

Team Yonomi: Seguros Unidos

Project Title: Seguros Unidos

Project Authors & Collaborators: Lisa Ma, Maria Bogomaz, Sarah Pliske, Felix Dulys, Sammy Walker, Camille Vargas

Project Description: Through our research, we found there was insufficient data around ICE raids and arrests. We decided to build an app that would fill this data gap by plotting real time and historical data of ICE sightings, raids, and arrests. Real time data would be collected by individuals in the community (the accused, bystanders, allies, etc.) and later access the anonymized data to build new and innovative solutions. The Seguros Unidos App brings resources from across the state to the tips of your fingers. Immigrants and allies can take action as a unified front to affect change together.

Relevant URLs:

Team 4: Fact Checking Immigration Misconceptions

Project Title: Fact Checking Immigration Misconceptions

Project Authors: Filip Graniczny, John Jones, Oscar Saenz, Ben Luppen, James Joseph

Project Description: Fact Checking Immigration Misconceptions

click here to see the standalone website for this project. It’s impressive. Seriously.

Data Sources Pew Research, Department of Homeland Security, American Immigration Council, Videvo

More Resources

Team 1: The Cost of Immigration Enforcement in Colorado

Project Title: The Cost of Immigration Enforcement in Colorado

Project Authors & Collaborators: Hannah Hines, John Aden, Beatriz Garcia Waddell, Glenda Leung, Beth Potter

Project Description: Story of Paulina in Durango and the impact of her husbands detainment.


Relevant Social URLs:

Data Sources: The ICE contracts data

Team Z: For all Intents and Purposes

Project Title: For all Intents and Purposes

Project Authors & Collaborators: Zoi Johns and Zach Marshall

Project Description: Our project focuses on simplifying the extensive issues of immigration into forms information that is accessible, easy to understand, and impactful for audiences who are not as informed about many aspects of the immigration process in America, such as detention centers. During the Migrahack, we have created a website platform to house our new podcast, “For all Intents and Purposes.”

Project URLs:

Data Sources Uses:;

Team 5: Desperación

Project Title: Desperación

Project Authors and Collaborators Matthew Wheeler, Eva Rios, Lisette Zamora @Eva.Rios (Instagram), @l.zamoraphotography (Instagram), @The_Wheel_Art Deal (Instagram)

Project Description A video describing why people immigrate to the US from Mexico, the dangers they face, and the organizations of Colorado that assist immigrants.

Data Sources “11 Unbelievable Facts about Mexico’s Economy | Markets Insider.” Business Insider, Business Insider, “Poverty Rate in Colorado 2018.” Statista, Casa de Paz- Colorado Immigrant Rights Coalition- Metro Denver Sanctuary Coalition- Colorado Rapid Response Network: