Project Title Mythbusters: Using Current Data to Dispel Common Myths Regarding Immigration

Project Authors: James Roan, Peyton Howell, Kendall Nudelman, Sarah Groose, Dylan Pine, Garret Sugarbaker, Bella Borbonus, Liangyin Yu

Project Description Our team of students from various backgrounds participated in the 2019 Colorado Migrahack at the University of Denver with the goal of dispelling myths regarding immigration in Colorado. We hope to create a reference for immigration information and provide other students with the tools to spark conversation and change.

Data Sources American Immigration Council. “Immigrants in Colorado.” American Immigration Council, American Immigration Council, 9 May 2018, Colorado, State of. “State Demographics Data – CO.”, 1 Aug. 2019, DeSilver, Drew. “No U.S. Industry Employs Mostly Immigrant Workers.” Pew Research Center, Pew Research Center, 16 Mar. 2017, Hindi, Saja. “Colorado Ranked among the Highest in the Country in Employment Measures for Refugees, Immigrants.” The Denver Post, The Denver Post, 16 Sept. 2019, Ruiz, Neil G., and John Gramlich. “4 Paths Highly Educated Immigrants Take to Study and Work in the U.S.” Pew Research Center, Pew Research Center, 1 Feb. 2019, Svaldi, Aldo. “How Immigrants Are Vital to the Colorado and U.S. Economy.” The Denver Post, The Denver Post, 13 Mar. 2017, Teaching Tolerance Staff. “Ten Myths About Immigration.” Teaching Tolerance, 2011, Vasan, Thamanna. “Immigrant Workers Critical to Colorado Economy.”, Colorado Fiscal Institute, 29 Apr. 2015,


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