Team 1: The Cost of Immigration Enforcement in Colorado

Project Title: The Cost of Immigration Enforcement in Colorado

Project Authors & Collaborators: Hannah Hines, John Aden, Beatriz Garcia Waddell, Glenda Leung, Beth Potter

Project Description: Story of Paulina in Durango and the impact of her husbands detainment.


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Data Sources: The ICE contracts data

Team Z: For all Intents and Purposes

Project Title: For all Intents and Purposes

Project Authors & Collaborators: Zoi Johns and Zach Marshall

Project Description: Our project focuses on simplifying the extensive issues of immigration into forms information that is accessible, easy to understand, and impactful for audiences who are not as informed about many aspects of the immigration process in America, such as detention centers. During the Migrahack, we have created a website platform to house our new podcast, “For all Intents and Purposes.”

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Team 5: Desperación

Project Title: Desperación

Project Authors and Collaborators Matthew Wheeler, Eva Rios, Lisette Zamora @Eva.Rios (Instagram), @l.zamoraphotography (Instagram), @The_Wheel_Art Deal (Instagram)

Project Description A video describing why people immigrate to the US from Mexico, the dangers they face, and the organizations of Colorado that assist immigrants.

Data Sources “11 Unbelievable Facts about Mexico’s Economy | Markets Insider.” Business Insider, Business Insider, “Poverty Rate in Colorado 2018.” Statista, Casa de Paz- Colorado Immigrant Rights Coalition- Metro Denver Sanctuary Coalition- Colorado Rapid Response Network:

Team Health Care: Public Charge, Healthcare, and the Impact on the State of Colorado

Project Title: Public Charge, Healthcare, and the Impact on the State of Colorado

Project Authors & Collaborators: Julie Tran, Sam Colvett, Anayeli Mendoza, Robin Burke

Project Description: Investigation about the public charge rule change. There are three multimedia elements to this, see below.

Video 1

Video 2


Data Sources Used:

Relevant Social URLs: Ayuda Colorado on Facebook

Team Chalkbeat: SOLO: Unaccompanied Children Immigrating to the United States

Project Title: SOLO: Unaccompanied Children Immigrating to the U.S.

Authors Yesenia Robles, Hannah Brown, Jessie Kriebel, Kaley LaQuea

Project Description Our project is an explainer of unaccompanied children entering the U.S. including where they’re coming from and what their journey prior to placement with a sponsor looks like. We looked at available data on unaccompanied children statewide and by Colorado county.

Data Sources;;

Team KUNC: Road to Colorado

Project Title: Road to Colorado

Project Authors & Collaborators: Esther Honig, Jackie Hai, Lauren Irwin, Grace Ganz, Sasha Shadrina, Jennifer Kempf

Project Description: In the debate over immigration policy, a commonly heard refrain is the demand for migrants to “get in line” or enter the U.S. “the right way.” But in recent years the path to legal immigration has become increasingly narrow, especially for those who live in countries fraught with poverty, violence and political instability.

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Relevant URLs: @KUNC twitter

Data Sources Used:,,,%20Asylum,%20and%20Int’l%20Ops/USRAP_FlowChart.pdf,,,,

Team Migrant Histories and Narratives: An Immigrant’s Journey

Project Title: An Immigrant’s Journey

Project Authors and Collaborators: Valeria Fugate, Dennise Solis, Kate Crowe, Nishat Hossain, Mike Clifford

Project Description: A flowchart depicting the complicated process and hard decisions an immigrant makes on their way to the United States. 

Data Sources: & Valeria Fugate