Teams & Stories: Day 1

Day one of the Colorado Migrahack is off and running. This post is a simple summary of teams and story ideas to create a rundown of ideas and to foster collaboration.

If you’re idea and/or team is missing, please help us update this list. Thanks to everyone who has pitched in on these ideas.

Story Ideas Day #1 Migrahack

  1. Team Z – Detention Treatment in Aurora
  2. Team Y – Story TBD
  3. Team Entravision – Denver/Colorado Police Stops and Profiling
  4. Team Climate Change – Influx of Climate Change Refugees to Colorado
  5. Team KRZA – Possibly Focusing on Employement
  6. Team 2 – Myths Around Immigrant Employment
  7. Team DACA – Alternatives to DACA
  8. Team Healthcare – Health Equity and Language Access for Legal and Undocumented Colorado Immigrants
  9. Team CPR – Unaccompanied Minors in Colorado
  10. Team KUNC – Path to Naturalization
  11. Team 3 – Myth Busting Colorado’s Immigration Data
  12. Team Chalkbeat – Unaccompanied Minors
  13. Team Federal Overreach – How Does the Federal Government Work With Private Companies To Perform ICE Tasks and Services and to What Monetary End
  14. Team Denver Post – Story Idea Forthcoming; Likely Employment
  15. Team 6 – Private Prisons in Colorado and How They Benefit
  16. Team #1 – TRAC Data Holes // Colorado Business From ICE Contracts
  17. Team MSU Denver – Explainer Videos About Legal Barriers, Myths and Solutions for Colorado Immigration
  18. Team Colorado Sun – 1). Impacts of Immigration to Colorado; County By County Native to Immigrant Population; 2). Economic Impact. Will go with stronger piece.


Colorado Migrahack 2019

Journalists + community partners + techies + immigration data = Migrahack

Save the date!

Friday, September 27 and Saturday, September 28, 2019 

What is a migrahack?

A migrahack is a multimedia storytelling and data-driven approach to improving understanding about immigration + a collaboration of journalists, community partners, web developers and designers.

What is the purpose of a Migrahack?

To bring diverse groups of people together for two days (Friday/Saturday) to “hack” open data on immigration in order to tell stories differently, improve understanding, and change the conversation about immigration.

Want to sponsor a student?

Each participating University of Denver student will be eligible for $100 for two days upon completion of their team’s project. We are looking for 100 students to work with community organizers, journalists, and developers to change the conversation about immigration!

Submit your tax-deductible sponsorship.