Day one of the Colorado Migrahack is off and running. This post is a simple summary of teams and story ideas to create a rundown of ideas and to foster collaboration.

If you’re idea and/or team is missing, please help us update this list. Thanks to everyone who has pitched in on these ideas.

Story Ideas Day #1 Migrahack

  1. Team Z – Detention Treatment in Aurora
  2. Team Y – Story TBD
  3. Team Entravision – Denver/Colorado Police Stops and Profiling
  4. Team Climate Change – Influx of Climate Change Refugees to Colorado
  5. Team KRZA – Possibly Focusing on Employement
  6. Team 2 – Myths Around Immigrant Employment
  7. Team DACA – Alternatives to DACA
  8. Team Healthcare – Health Equity and Language Access for Legal and Undocumented Colorado Immigrants
  9. Team CPR – Unaccompanied Minors in Colorado
  10. Team KUNC – Path to Naturalization
  11. Team 3 – Myth Busting Colorado’s Immigration Data
  12. Team Chalkbeat – Unaccompanied Minors
  13. Team Federal Overreach – How Does the Federal Government Work With Private Companies To Perform ICE Tasks and Services and to What Monetary End
  14. Team Denver Post – Story Idea Forthcoming; Likely Employment
  15. Team 6 – Private Prisons in Colorado and How They Benefit
  16. Team #1 – TRAC Data Holes // Colorado Business From ICE Contracts
  17. Team MSU Denver – Explainer Videos About Legal Barriers, Myths and Solutions for Colorado Immigration
  18. Team Colorado Sun – 1). Impacts of Immigration to Colorado; County By County Native to Immigrant Population; 2). Economic Impact. Will go with stronger piece.


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