Migrahack Event Reimagines Immigration Through Storytelling: https://www.du.edu/news/migrahack-event-reimagines-immigration-through-storytelling?utm_source=newsletter-expressions&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=ahss_internal_comm&utm_content=campus-migrahack-storytelling

Immigration has been a pressing and urgent story this summer. With unaccompanied children being detained in immigration detention centers, and questions regarding whether those in holding facilities have the right to a flu shot, immigration and “crisis” have been trending as search terms and as discussion topics for months.

Migrahack coming to Colorado in September: https://medium.com/colorado-media-project/migrahack-colorado-coming-in-september-at-cu-3527faf4f7a9

“This September, in Colorado, we’re gathering journalists, developers, community members and students to collaborate in a two-day hackathon using data to create interactive stories about immigration in our state: Migrahack.”

Leaked immigration court official’s directive could violate rules that protect families from deportation: https://www.revealnews.org/article/leaked-immigration-court-officials-directive-could-violate-rules-that-protect-families-from-deportation/

“A high-ranking immigration court official has issued a requirement to judges in New York City that deportation cases involving families “MUST BE COMPLETED WITHIN 365 DAYS,” according to documents obtained by Reveal. The order may violate due process, as well as long-standing rules that protect families from deportation before their cases have been adjudicated fully.”

The children of H-1B visa holders are growing up — and still waiting for green cards: https://interactive.pri.org/2018/02/h1b-children/index.html

“The Dattas came from India to teach American children in a Mississippi school. But because of their visas, they worry their own child won’t be able to study in the US.”

As Trump ends Obama-era protections for Salvadorans, a family in Minnesota has few good options to stay together: https://www.pri.org/stories/2018-03-02/trump-ends-obama-era-protections-salvadorans-family-minnesota-has-few-good

“Two brothers who spent 14 years apart sit at a kitchen table in a mobile home outside of Minneapolis. The elder one, David, looks around at the freshly painted blue walls with pride. He’s adding new window frames, flooring and appliances bit by bit to make a home for his family.”

Thousands of New Yorkers Could be Headed Back to Immigration Court: https://documentedny.com/2018/08/31/thousands-of-new-yorkers-could-be-headed-back-to-immigration-court/

“After their cases were suspended years ago, Attorney General Jeff Sessions wants to reopen them.”

Enrollment in Benefits Drop in Response to Trump Rules, Data Shows: https://documentedny.com/2018/09/23/new-trump-rules-may-force-immigrants-to-drop-legal-benefits-like-food-assistance/

“Documented exclusively obtained data that showed drops in enrollments in public benefits programs when proposed changes to the public charge rule leaked.”

Immigrants Held in Detention for Months Without a Hearing: Lawsuit: https://documentedny.com/2018/11/15/immigrants-held-in-detention-for-months-without-a-hearing-lawsuit/

“Almost three-quarters of immigrant detainees have to wait more than two months to see a judge.”

Fewer People are Being Granted Asylum in New York: https://documentedny.com/2018/11/21/fewer-people-are-being-granted-asylum-in-new-york/

“The City’s USCIS Asylum Office is granting 50 percent fewer applications since 2013.”

ICE Again Increases Arrests of New Yorkers with no Criminal Records: https://documentedny.com/2018/12/14/ice-again-increases-arrests-of-new-yorkers-with-no-criminal-records/

” Statistics illustrate the no tolerance attitude of the Trump Administration as non-criminal arrests spiked 87 percent.”

Documents Show New York Court Officers Alerted ICE About Immigrants in Court: https://documentedny.com/2019/01/26/documents-show-new-york-court-officers-alerted-ice-about-immigrants-in-court/

“Reports exclusively obtained by Documented detail how New York State Court Officers have cooperated with ICE agents in controversial arrests at court houses.”

It’s Cheaper to Get out of Jail Than Immigration Detention: https://documentedny.com/2018/06/11/immigrants-pay-seven-times-more-in-bail/

“Exclusive data shows the exorbitant rates immigrants pay for bond in New York City.”

Canadian Pension Fund Grows Investment in Private Prisons by 1100 Percent: https://documentedny.com/2018/10/12/canadian-pension-fund-grows-investment-in-immigration-detention-1100/

“Despite the government’s views on immigration, Canada’s state pension fund increased its investment in American private prisons 13-fold during the family separation crisis.”

A NJ Pension Fund Bets on CoreCivic and GEO Group: https://documentedny.com/2018/08/16/a-nj-pension-fund-bets-on-corecivic-and-geo-group/

“A retirement fund sunk nearly $1 million into two private prison companies that profit from immigration detention”

Developing Future Compassionate Leaders by Welcoming Refugees: https://www.forbes.com/sites/laureldonnellan/2019/07/27/developing-future-compassionate-leaders/#772040792fb0

“Meet David Corsun and Cheri Young who are innovative leaders in hospitality business education. David is the Director of the Fritz Knoebel School of Hospitality Management at the University of Denver and Cheri is an Associate Professor at the University of Denver. As a couple and colleagues, they have a rare partnership where they have collaborated throughout their academic careers to break convention and help their students understand compassionate leadership from the inside out.”

State of the News Media: Newspapers, Hispanic & Black News Media, and Audio & Podcasting: https://www.pewresearch.org/topics/state-of-the-news-media/

The newspaper industry’s financial fortunes and subscriber base have been in decline since the mid-2000s, and website audience traffic, after some years of growth, has leveled off. A new Pew Research Center analysis finds that in 2018, estimated U.S. daily newspaper circulation (print and digital combined) was 28.6 million for weekday and 30.8 million for Sunday, down 8% and 9%, respectively, from the previous year.

Not just one foundation, not just one newsroom: How the Colorado Media Project is trying to rebuild a local news ecosystem: https://www.niemanlab.org/2019/07/not-just-one-foundation-not-just-one-newsroom-how-the-colorado-media-project-is-trying-to-rebuild-a-local-news-ecosystem/
“This didn’t take a ton of capital. It just took a lot of willingness on the part of a lot of different folks to collectively figure out what we should do, where are the gaps, and how we can fill them.”

Jeanette Vizguerra: Learn her name and story of resistance: https://www.du.edu/ahss/mfjs/news_events/mfjsfeaturestory3.html
“On April 22, 2019, students from a multicultural journalism class at the University of Denver were welcomed into the First Unitarian Society of Denver, where Vizguerra currently resides and has taken sanctuary, to hear her truth.”

Yes, there is difference between ‘Texas Mexican’ food and Tex-Mex: https://www.houstonchronicle.com/life/food/article/Yes-there-is-difference-between-Texas-14005111.php
“With “Don’t Count the Tortillas,” out June 25, Medrano, 70, continues that story, using his voice to amplify the voices of those who have been cooking Texas Mexican food in restaurants and home kitchens, simultaneously working to highlight social issues and raise awareness of the challenges the people who created that food — and who continue its evolution — have faced over the years.”

Cities Start to Question the American Ideal: A House with a Yard on Every Lot: nyti.ms/2Io1qSw
“Townhomes, duplexes and apartments are effectively banned in many neighborhoods. Now some communities regret it.” 

Migratory Notes: https://medium.com/migratory-notes
At a time of rapidly shifting policies, we synthesize exceptional immigration journalism and highlight emerging practices to connect with multiethnic communities. 

In Europe, media narratives about migration are deeply shaped by national press culture: https://www.niemanlab.org/2019/04/in-europe-media-narratives-about-migration-are-deeply-shaped-by-national-press-culture/
“From our perspective, it’s more newsworthy if people are abusing the system or exploiting loopholes or abusing the hospitality being extended to them by British society…because that triggers a reaction in readers.”

Losing Groundhttp://www.rmpbs.org/news/investigations/losing-ground/
Losing Ground presents a disturbing yet compelling portrait of a state where black and Latino residents are falling further and further behind their white counterparts. That state is Colorado. RMPBS News journalists analyzed six decades of reports from the U.S. Census Bureau to track the state’s poverty rates, family income, high school and college graduation rates and home ownership. The analysis uncovered surprising trends in racial and ethnic disparities. Minority gains made during the era of the civil rights movement eroded with time. Colorado evolved from a state that was by most measures more equitable than the national average in the first decades covered by the analysis to one that is less so now.