Focus question: Every team is charged with choosing the direction and form that their project will take, based on team passions, interests, and abilities. 

Our overarching question for the Colorado Migrahack is:  Why and how are immigrants in Colorado having their day-to-day lives affected by current policies?

You’ll want to choose a focus question with this bigger question in mind. That way, all of our projects will contribute to the collective impact of our efforts.

We’re suggesting you consider creating explainers.

Explainers: Explainers are videos of 2 minutes or less that use graphics to explain an issue that may be in the news but that might not be widely understood. You can produce these using Moovly, photoshop, illustrator, power point, or other tools. What is an explainer video:

Some ideas for explainers that have been identified by groups working with Colorado immigrant populations include:

  • A “detainer explainer”
  • Finding an immigration lawyer in Colorado (in various languages)
  • What is ICE?
  • Know your rights (in various languages)
  • Understand the census (in various languages)
  • What avenues can CO take to limit ICE’s ability to query DMV databases for SB251 info?
  • What would it take to end ICE notifications altogether?
  • The hidden costs of ICE notifications
  • What is the Legal Defense Fund?
  • Why would someone in Colorado be afraid to take their kids to school?
  • Trauma and resilience in the stories of immigration
  • What is the difference between an immigrant, a refugee, and an asylum seeker?
  • Myths and misinformation about immigration

Some examples of what you could do (and consider a remake of these in 2-minute form):


Additionally, you can have access to the excellent tutorials at LinkedIn Learning by receiving a library e-card through the Denver Public Library. You’ll also have access to more research resources through your e-card.